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An unanticipated dental emergency not only interrupts your day. It can be distressing. Whether you have sudden tooth pain from untreated tooth decay or a dental injury resulting from an accident or sports, an emergency dentist can provide the urgent care you need.


While Rifkin Raanan is best known for cosmetic and implant dentistry, our Beverly Hills emergency dentistry department is second to none. There is no reason to wait until your next routine dental appointment to address an emergent dental issue. Our renowned emergency dentists can see you on short notice if you have sudden pain, oral injuries, or failing restoration, often on the same day.


Dental emergencies can happen to anyone and are worth treating before the problem worsens. Our compassionate dentists understand the anguish or worry you may face and will resolve your issues without delay. We treat all kinds of emergency dental issues at our office.


Fractured or Broken Teeth

A cracked tooth is not only painful. The crack can spread if not treated promptly. The sooner you have a broken tooth fixed, the more likely your dentist can salvage the tooth and potentially avoid root canal treatment.

Lost or Knocked-Out Teeth

Knocking out a tooth is a true dental emergency. Our dentists will assess the damage and create a plan to preserve or replace the affected tooth.

Severe Toothache

A sudden toothache may indicate infection, decay, or an abscess, best treated immediately, especially if the pain is severe or accompanied by swelling or a foul taste.

Tooth Sensitivity

Sudden tooth sensitivity may signal gum loss, an abscess, enamel erosion, dental decay, or a fractured tooth. Prompt treatment of the underlying issue will have you feeling better and eating all your favorite foods in no time.

Advanced Tooth Decay

Untreated tooth decay can lead to serious problems, including pain, swollen lymph nodes, abscesses, or bone loss. Whether you need a filling, crown, root canal, or conservative carious tissue removal (CTR), our emergency dentists in Beverly Hills can help.

Loose or Lost Fillings

Fillings may eventually loosen or fall out entirely, necessitating a filling replacement.

Lost or Damaged Dental Crowns

Dental crowns last years, but sometimes crowns loosen or dislodge from their intended position. When this happens, our dentists can remedy the issue with a beautiful new dental crown that fits beautifully with your smile.

Pain or Injury Caused by an Orthodontic Device

If damaged or improperly fitting orthodontic appliances are causing you pain or irritating the soft tissues in your mouth, our dentists can treat the injury promptly and repair or replace the orthodontic device.

Worn Tooth Enamel due to Grinding Teeth

Teeth grinding (bruxism) can eventually cause tooth fractures, enamel erosion, and tooth or gum sensitivity. In the cases of acute issues arising from bruxism, our dentists may recommend tooth bonding, porcelain veneers, or dental crowns, in addition to an occlusal splint or night guard if necessary.

Sinus Pressure

Sinus infections can cause toothaches, especially in the molars closest to the sinus cavity. As inflammation builds, the teeth can become achy. Your dentist may prescribe pain relievers or anti-inflammatories to mitigate these uncomfortable symptoms. Conversely, if a severe tooth infection has caused sinus problems, antibiotics or an emergency tooth extraction may be in order.


At Rifkin Raanan, our dentists understand that patients often experience fear, anxiety, or panic when a dental emergency arises. With this in mind, we aim to treat dental emergencies as quickly as possible. Rest assured, you will receive prompt care. In some cases, same-day appointments are available. Our dentists will examine you and develop a treatment plan to remedy any acute dental issues you may be experiencing.


Recovery and downtime can vary depending on your treatment plan. Our emergency dentists will advise you on what to expect as you heal, how soon you can eat or drink, medications to take, and any expectations for maintenance.



Dental emergencies are urgent issues that arise unexpectedly and can encompass anything from oral trauma to severe pain to loose fillings to broken, cracked, or missing teeth.


Very few hospitals have a dentist on staff to handle dental emergencies. You should head to your nearest emergency room to get checked out first if you have suffered a traumatic accident or life-threatening injury.

Left untreated, dental emergencies can lead to infection, worsening pain, and bone loss.


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