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About Us


Whether he knew it or not, Dr. Steven Rifkin was born to be a dentist. Having grown up in a family of dental experts, dentistry was in his blood. But Dr. Steven was never coerced to go into dentistry, and if anything, he was steered away from it.

However, after witnessing his father, Dr. Bob, complete a full mouth reconstruction, changing his patient’s life, this moment consequently changed his own life. Almost instantly, he decided to pursue dentistry himself and discovered his own authentic passion, wanting to have the same impact on his own patients. As Dr. Rodney learned from Dr. Bob, Dr. Steven learned and built upon them both, combining their knowledge, expertise, and experience to trail-blaze and cultivate his own path in the dental world. To say he had big shoes to fill is an understatement. However, not only has he followed in their footsteps, he has created his own significant impact in dentistry, earning his place and respect by their side.


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Dr. Steven not only strives to ensure that each and every one of his patients has a personalized treatment plan tailored to their specific wants and needs, but also makes sure that the patients themselves become “mini dental experts” as well.


Dr. Steven not only received his Bachelors of Science in Dental Hygiene at the University of Southern California, he also obtained his Registered Dental Hygienist license prior to even beginning dental school, earning “The patient Education Award for demonstrating the highest standards in didactic and clinical patient education.” This unique education path emboldened him to have a wealth of knowledge and experience prior to even starting dental school.

His background in dental hygiene drove Dr. Steven to always focus first on the health and function of the beautiful, aesthetic smiles he creates, realizing “all your cosmetic work, whether it be crowns or veneers, all restorations, are only as strong as the periodontal structures that support and surround them. You may have beautiful teeth, but if your occlusion, or bite, is wrong, or if your gums are unhealthy, all of this can lead to major problems.”

His experience in dental hygiene even allowed Dr. Steven an opportunity to be an instructor at USC, teaching on the clinic floor, and even over Zoom during the COVID pandemic. He graduated from the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC as a Dean’s List Honoree as well as receiving “The R.L. Fowkes/L.J. Fogel Memorial Award” for outstanding achievement in oral pathology.