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Teeth Whitening

Traditional, Long-Lasting Teeth Whitening at our Beverly Hills Office

Teeth Whitening Beverly Hills CA

Natural Looking Dental Whitening By Dental Care Of Beverly Hills

As we get older, our teeth can become yellow and discoloured from years of eating, drinking, and (for some of us) smoking with abandon. With our simple teeth whitening treatment, you can reverse the years of staining and get back the beautiful pearly white smile you used to have.

Our teeth whitening procedure is safe, quick, and inexpensive. On your first appointment, an impression is taken so we can make a specialized "mouthguard" or "stent" to hold the bleach against your teeth. You can pick up your custom bleach splints in one or 2 days, which come with a special dental bleaching agent that you put into the custom splints. Just wear it for 3-4 hours each day for one or two weeks, and watch your teeth whiten before your eyes! Our special bleaching solution gently removes the stains right out of your teeth in a very short time without altering or weakening your tooth structure or undermining any dental work you already have. Once your teeth reach the desired brightness, only occasional treatment is necessary to maintain your new and improved smile.

For severely yellowed or discoloured teeth, dental veneers or crowns may be a more appropriate treatment. Fortunately in most cases, our teeth bleaching procedure is effective for most patients, and is also one of the quickest and most low cost cosmetic dental procedures.

Our dental bleaching treatment is gentle enough to be non-irritating to your gums, effectively restores your teeth to its natural pearly white color, and is safe for patients at any age.

Effectively Brighten Your Smile With The Top Cosmetic Dentist In Beverly Hills

Dr. Ken Lalezarian has provided expert cosmetic dental treatment to the community of Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, having safely and successfully brightened the smiles of thousands of satisfied patients over his 35 year career. If you would like to know if our gentle and effective teeth whitening treatment is right for you, or if you would like to make an appointment, call us now at (310) 275-0838 or fill out our contact request form and our representative will be happy to help you. Because at Dental Care Of Beverly Hills, your smile is much more than just our work - it's our passion.

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Our Happy Patients

"I've been going there for most of my adult life... over 20 years I'm sure. Yikes! Dr. Lalezarian is like family. He's kind, affable and above all really good at his job. My husband has a bridge in the front of his mouth and they look so real. I've had other friends with bridges for their front teeth too and they whistle when they talk.. not my husband. The bridge fits perfectly!"

Aileen Aileen N.

"Dr Lalezarian is very good at explaining every aspect of your dental care program, things you would never think of, material used, time frames, and temporary management of your program to keep you able to work and be out in the public.. The staff is excellent and friendly, and easy to work with your schedules. I would recommend to anyone."

Dolores Dolores G.

"Dr. Lalezarian has been our family dentist for over ten years. We travel from Porter Ranch to Beverly Hills, which can be almost as painful as a toothache, but we do it because he is a highly skillful dentist, and we trust him to do a great job, every time, which he does. He has also gotten us to pay more attention to our dental health. The staff is friendly, and the prices are reasonable. For these reasons I give this dental office the highest rating of 5 stars."

Andrew Richard G.
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